I'm one of six kids, four of which are boys. A preacher's kid bred for competition in all aspects of my life. Growing up, I was surrounded by sports. A "baby alpha female" if you will. I never took a season off. I couldn't. Baseball, football (yes, football), softball, volleyball, and basketball consumed my life until the age of 18. My obsession with fitness started early. I remember being 9 years old and wanting to have the best body I could possibly have at my age. I would get down on my bedroom floor staring at my pink walls and do 100 sit-ups and 20 push-ups every night before I fell asleep. AT NINE YEARS OLD. Crazy, right? At the age of 13, I was introduced to my sanctuary..the weight room. My dad would take me after school, and let me tag along, lifting weights that were 110x smaller than the weight he was slinging around. I fell in love. Competing with my twin brother at who could run faster, who could curl more, who could jump rope longer, who could box jump higher, and sucking down overpriced protein shakes became my obsession.

It didn't stop in high school. I had no shame in being the only girl in my weight training class four years in a row, and I definitely had no shame in out lifting many of the boys. There's something so empowering about being able to physically do more than a guy, right ladies? My only struggle came from keeping the weight on. I know, I know, that's a "great" problem to have. Well, not so much when you are an athlete. I decided to gain my size from muscle mass, so I worked hard in the gym all throughout my high school career. I accumulated workouts from my strength coaches, my dad, my ginormous football guy friends, and tried my best to figure out what was best for my tiny frame. I came into high school barely scratching the surface of 100 lbs, and left high school at a lean 130 lbs.

I signed my letter of intent with the University of South Carolina to play softball for the Gamecocks. Being at a Division I school, we were offered amazing amenities, one being a strength and conditioning coach. We went through 4 or 5 strength coaches throughout my career, each one teaching me something new. Some coaches were more into running long distance, while some were into short explosive running. Some coaches were into high repetitions with low weight, and some were into low repetitions with high weight. No matter the strength coach, I always enjoyed the weight room aspect.. never the running. Yes, I said it. I HATE running. It's always annoying going through multiple coaches, and trying to find someone to become accustomed to. However, the change of coaches actually helped me. I found out what really works for me and my body, and also what works for people that have a completely different build.

Well now I have graduated from the University of South Carolina (2012) with a degree in Sports Management, and am now a certified personal trainer. There's not really such a thing as a "certified online trainer" or I would have that too 😉 . I currently live in Tampa, Florida, and lease a 2300 sq ft office/warehouse space that I work out of. My dream is to have my own brand, my own apparel company, and to be a lighthouse for all women who want to become STRONG and unashamed to be seen in the gym lifting WEIGHTS, and not just on the elliptical or stair stepper.

My PASSION is helping as many people as I can reach their realistic goals. I know there's a bangin' body in everyone, and I just want you to be able to see yours. My PURPOSE is to show people how to emulate love through fitness, and to show how fitness can benefit you in more ways than just looking good! My PLEDGE is to give you everything I have to offer you, whether it be my knowledge based off of research and experience, or just that kick of encouragement!